Top 10 Reasons to get your driveway sealed by Still Sealcoating this summer:

  1. You won’t ruin a set of clothes, boots, and brushes
  2. Snow will melt twice as fast on a fresh, black driveway
  3. Keeps harmful elements away from asphalt i.e. oil, gas, salt & UV rays
  4. Seals asphalt’s natural oils deep within for extended life
  5. Hot tar crackfiller repels moisture and prevents further cracking
  6. It is cheaper than buying a new driveway
  7. Industrial strength sealer is 4 times as concentrated as the hardware store brands
  8. It will give your driveway and property an attractive new appearance
  9. We are a reliable, affordable local business
  10. It will free you up to do things you enjoy!