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Still Sealcoating is your #1, trustworthy source for sealcoating services for the Southeastern Wisconsin region.

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Still Sealcoating provides the following services:

  • Driveway cleaning & preparation
  • Double brush asphalt sealcoating
  • Hot tar crackfilling
  • Line Striping
  • Asphalt tearout & removal
  • Asphalt patching & repair

Sealcoating services provided by Still Sealcoating...

            Are of the highest quality and outperform even the strongest competitors. The edges of the driveway are cleaned using a weedwacker and a wire brush when needed. High pressure blowers, brushes, and scrapers are then used to clean the driveway of any debris. All oil spots on the driveway are sealed with S.O.S. oil spot primer to ensure the sealer adheres to the asphalt in these areas. Cracks are cleaned using a weedwacker, wire brush, and high pressure blowers.

The cracks are then filled using a hot tar application. All cracks over 1/8 of an inch are filled with the hot tar to ensure a moisture barrier and prevent future cracking. Finally, the sealer is applied using push brooms and/or a squeegee. We feel brushing the sealer on, as opposed to spraying, leaves a much thicker coat and we have better control of where the sealer ends up. You won’t see ANY splashes on the grass, concrete or siding after Still Sealcoating seals your driveway! (For those of you who prefer spraying, we are equipped to do that as well but we save it for only the biggest projects or upon request.)Lastly, a string with signs is tied across the end of the driveway to prevent cars from driving on the fresh sealer.

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